Thursday, July 19, 2007

Henry Porter Book Release Party Cancelled.....

(The evil Baron Vandersnoot of the Henry Porter series of books.)

With much regret, the planned city wide festival celebrating the release of the seventh and final installment of the Henry Porter Series, "Henry Porter Meets Sandy Duncan Meets Don Knotts Meets Don Rickles Meets Mama Cass Elliot Meets the Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall", must be cancelled secondary to our current state of high alert. I promise that the planned festivities will take place once order has been restored and the growing threat of turkey domination has abated.


Shinga said...

I had heard that triffids cut into public events when they were a popular hazard, but now the turkeys? Is there no end to these plagues?

What will become of Belvidere?

Spooner Jenkins said...

Should Belvidere emerge from this crisis unscathed, I have a good feeling that the years ahead will be free from such difficulties. Only time will tell however. And that is assuming that this new badger problem doesn't amount to anything major. It probably won't.