Thursday, July 19, 2007

In Memoriam.....

On July 19, local citizen Flippy Martinez was tragically killed. Though more details are sure to come out once Dr. Grimes has completed a thorough post-mortem spinal exam, Belvidere Chief of Police Lipton Collingsworth III has issued a statement.

Chief Collingsworth:

"It is truly a sad day for this great city. At roughly 9AM on July 19th, the body of Flippy Martinez was discovered near the railroad tracks just southeast of A street. He appears to have died from acute blood loss related to a large number of deep ankle and foot wounds. The Belvidere Police Department asks that anyone who witnessed the tragic demise of Mr. Martinez come forward. We are also asking that any psychics, pet or otherwise, with details on the crime please contact the station....."

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