Monday, March 26, 2007

Helpful Advice from a Belvidere Celebrity.....

(Belvidere taxidermist and camera owner Duane Frierson.)

With rare exception, the Belvidere Turnipfest held every other April being one, not a week goes by that I don't get a good many letters from my fellow Belviderians. Most of these are simply the good folk of this town wanting to show their support or just to give me a great big Belvidere hello. But every now and then I get a letter full of helpful suggestions. One such letter came recently from town taxidermist Duane Frierson, who most people in this neck of the woods know from his stunning work on the remains of our third, and most beloved, town mascot Stymie III.

(Former town mascot Stymie III, who died and is now forever immortalized doing what he loved most in this world.)

Duane is a nature lover and a camera owner, the only one in Belvidere. And he is known to enjoy exploring the harsh Turkey dominated yet otherwise featureless wastlands that exist beyond the outskirts of town. In fact, he has been nationally recognized by the Washington State Sasquatch Search Group as the only person to have not only witnessed, but photographed the elusive Batman of Belvidere, seen pictured below battling the Power Rangers.

In Duane's letter, several concerns were raised about the Belvidere Zoo and suggestions for improvement were provided. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Duane's taking the time to write to me. He is a busy man, and in much demand for his taxidermy services. Of course it is easy to see why every time I look into the plastic hand painted eyes of my dog Buck, who can always be found waiting paitiently for me when I get home thanks to the magic of taxidermy.

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